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Planning the transformation of large pieces of land or urban areas whose original use is no longer valid, within the context of a rapidly-changing and unstable socio-economic system, is not only ambitious, but also has great potential impact. That's why this kind of activity requires a unique set of skills.

RIV GROUP is active across all phases of the development process:
  • analysis of the reference market and socio-economic context
  • feasibility studies and assessing the economic-timing issues involved with the transaction
  • analysis of investment returns and the transaction's financial structure
  • preliminary planning
  • sharing urban transformation projects, implementation plans and any environmental regeneration processes with Local Authorities
  • development, coordination and final planning of interventions
  • management of construction and urbanisation activities
  • coordination and management of marketing and commercialisation
Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach & Garden, Jesolo

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The Beach Houses

The Beach Houses by Architect Richard Meier

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Beach Boiserie

Beach Boiserie by Jacopo Mascheroni

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Jesolo Lido village

Jesolo Lido Village by Architect Richard Meier

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Cascina del Mar

Cascina del Mar, Jesolo

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Golf Club Jesolo

Golf Club Jesolo

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Les Maisons

Les Maisons, Jesolo

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Il Centrale

Il Centrale, Jesolo

Piazza Brescia

Belvedere, Jesolo

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