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Dott. Peter Reichegger
Peter Reichegger is a real estate developer with over 25 years of experience. During his career he has won several international awards related to real estate. He has already been CEO of various companies for real estate development in several European countries. He has always conducted his projects with passion and great vision. He was chairman of the Golf Club Jesolo, also being its founder, for several years. Highlights of his career are the projects in Jesolo Lido with the American architect Richard Meier and his team. Ambitious redevelopment projects, with a value of approx. € 100 million, that have fundamentally changed the whole region. Peter Reichegger, together with his team and his partners, realized more than 800 apartments in Jesolo Lido alone. These projects have made him a pioneer in the development of the city.

"The success of a project depends on the ability to adapt big ideas and experiences to the needs both of an area and the people who spend parts of their lives there. Or, even better, to integrate them."

My work is my mission!
Sig.ra Eleonora Pagotto
Administration department
Eleonora Pagotto is a professional with over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, being with RIV GROUP for about 20 years. Together with her team, which she assembles depending on the project at hand, she independently manages the entire administrative and accounting structure of the company. Part of her duties are also the relations with the banking sector.

"I have always perceived my work as an important part of my life that I approach in the spirit of achieving results. Being responsible for the figures of the company gives me great satisfaction."

Sig. p.i. Aldo Orlandini
Technical department
Aldo Orlandini is head of technical services. He thus performs the technical management of the company. He became part of RIV GROUP about 15 years ago. Previously, he already entertained business relations with RIV GROUP as a consultant. His duties involve coordinating the various technical experts who participate in the respective implementation processes of the projects. Examples include managing contracts, including contractual matters, and controlling. He also manages the marketing of the projects. "The constant challenges involving professionals from all over the world cause my mind to grow. Being part of a team that is able to cope with large ambitious projects is a satisfaction that I can never get enough of."
Sig. Ruggero De Osti
Sales department
Ruggero De Osti, in collaboration with Matteo Agostini, are professional brokers who have been cooperating with RIV GROUP for about 4 years. They got on board at a time when the market required particularly great professionalism even in advertising and marketing. Ruggero De Osti has his own agency and his team assists him with duties related to RIV GROUP. They have become part of the group and new projects are evaluated together with them, a procedure that provides a major contribution to the success of the group. "Since I met Peter Reichegger and his projects, my horizons have expanded in ways I did not even know before. Sharing our professionalism and loyalty is a source of great fulfillment for me, each and every day."