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Richard Meier
"We first began working in Jesolo, Italy, while designing the Jesolo Lido Village ten years ago, and we have continued very creatively with Peter Reichegger, our client, to design a beach-front destination on the Adriatic coast. The Condominium is a building that contributes to the life of the master plan and takes advantage of the site and the local climate. Every unit has been carefully designed taking in consideration the public areas, the beach and natural light.

As in the Village, this project is a composition of volumes and voids, with a brise-soleil system that runs continuously along the East and West elevations. At dawn and dusk light will filter through the voids between the residential modules providing for particularly animated light conditions. We hope the Jesolo Lido Condominium and the complex becomes a wonderful new living environment that is unique to the Jesolo Lido neighbourhood."

Richard Meier
"Peter is a visionary. This together with his ambition and willingness to take risks to pursue his vision has been the basis of our collaboration during the design of the Jesolo Lido Villagio, the Beach House, and the Hotel."

Bernhard Karpf
Associate Partners Studio Richard Meier
Jacopo Mascheroni
Peter is a person with tremendous charisma who always thinks big. Due to his profound culture and his international spirit, his enthusiasm for beautiful things is contagious to everybody. As a great storyteller and communicator, he is able to inspire and include people, thus he is also able to create networks under any circumstances. Being a pioneer and seeking innovation in all things are intrinsic parts of his being that make him encounter every experience with great momentum. Therefore it is not surprising that Peter fights like a lion against obstacles or difficulties and that he is able to turn dreams into reality through great perseverance.

During all the years we worked together, I learned to appreciate three things above all. The first is Peter's great intellect, which allows him to ask for an opinion or a proposal rather than to impose a choice or a concept. The second is the dynamism of his discussions, including keen observations that, in the end, have always led to improvements on a project. The third is his quest for perfection in all things and thus his great attention to every single detail.

Jacopo Mascheroni
JM Architecture
Vudafieri Saverino Partners
A dynamic and unstoppable man and entrepreneur.

As designers, our experiences with him have always been incredibly challenging, involving interesting efforts. For Peter Reichegger, quality modern architecture and the patient pursuit of well-balanced financial and business conditions are an absolute must. Our role involves coordinating many different players and managing an enormous number of variables, which often contradict each other; he has always been able to show us how to keep sight of the final goal.

Peter Reichegger has surprised us with his amazing courage to be 'the first' to face difficult challenges, always ready to raise the bar on his own objectives.

Vudafieri Saverino Partners
(designers of Laguna Beach & Garden and Belvedere)
Valerio Zoggia
The local authorities have congratulated Peter Reichegger for his contribution to redeveloping a significant part of the local area. The municipality of Jesolo is always interested in improving attractions for tourists and redeveloping our city's urban areas and buildings. Far-sighted entrepreneurs have supported the local authorities in doing this, by completing high quality projects designed by world-famous architects who have given importance impetus to the redevelopment, recovery and promotion of our tourist resort, on both a national and international scale. In this regard, the investments and the initiatives of Peter Reichegger, such as the golf course, Jesolo Lido Village the Falkensteiner hotel to name but a few, have played a fundamental role for the city's tourist development and they deserve the Municipality of Jesolo's sincere thanks.

Zoggia Valerio
Mayor of Jesolo from 2012 to 2017
Ciri Marcolin
"Throughout his career, Peter Reichegger has always known how to stand out from other "builders", boldly moving ahead of the times, ensuring that each one of his projects offers something different from the norm, presenting innovation and refined shapes and designs, thereby contributing to improving the areas where he completes his projects"

Cirillo Marcolin
Chairman of 'MIDO' (International Eyewear Show)
Furio Bragagnolo
"Peter Reichegger is an exceptional entrepreneur able to create what others can only dream of. 'The Beach Houses' project, a landmark along Jesolo Lido's coastline, is one such dream that has become a reality. I have great admiration for him"

Furio Bragagnolo
An area can completely change its appearance if visionary local authorities come together with courageous entrepreneurs. Thanks to Peter Reichegger and his passion for beautiful architecture, Jesolo has succeeded in doing just that. His real estate initiatives have raised the quality of planning and design and increased attention to detail in the completion of projects, spurring on others to emulate this performance, which continues to have positive effects on the city of Jesolo's architectural renewal.

Francesco Calzavara
Mayor of Jesolo from 2002 to 2012
Omar Zorzetto
"My thoughts go back to that day, back in the mid-90s, when I first met Peter Reichegger in the restaurant, he was already being talked about around town!! Generally speaking, when I used to imagine what Peter Recihegger would be like – this guy from South Tyrol, I'd think about a pretty unimaginative person, someone who's very rigid, arriving from the mountains - but here, we're by the sea, there are kiosks rather than mountain lodges... This preconception was soon proven wrong with Peter Reichegger's exuberant pursuit of beauty...a concept that can be seen in each one of his projects...completely turning around Lido di Jesolo. Thanks to him, Jesolo has begun a new chapter……"

Omar Zorzetto
owner of Ristorante da Omar
Danilo Gerotto
Peter Reichegger ha una grande capacità di elaborare, con molta lucidità, progetti imprenditoriali con una forte dimensione strategica, in grado di anticipare il futuro. Il suo contributo allo sviluppo recente di Jesolo è stato particolarmente significativo, sia per una nuova definizione dell'immagine della città, sia per l'evoluzione dell'imprenditoria locale che opera nel settore immobiliare.

Danilo Gerotto
Dirigente del settore Urbanistica del Comune di Jesolo dal 1992 al 2004