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Developing assets

RIV GROUP is a Real Estate Management & Property Company and is one of the main players in Jesolo's real estate market, purchasing, transforming and developing greenfield sites and properties. RIV Group also works in partnership with private investors.

With regard to Services, RIV GROUP is active across all real estate sectors:
  • Property Management
  • Consulting and Appraisals
  • Project Management and Development
  • Sale and Rental
  • Representation of Owners and Tenants
  • Consulting on Real Estate Investments
Activities refer to both single properties and entire estates for the following uses:
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Management-offices
The Beach Houses
Real estate services
Golf Club Jesolo
Asset Management
Laguna Beach Garden
Project Management

RIV GROUP was established in 2001 in Jesolo, where it provides real estate agency services and assistance for the execution and marketing of real estate transactions. The group has provided its project management and/or consulting services to some of the largest property development projects completed along Jesolo's coastline, including:

  • Golf Club Jesolo as a joint-venture
  • Jesolo Lido Village by Richard Meier
  • The Beach Houses by Richard Meier
  • Laguna Beach & Garden
  • Il Centrale apartment complex
  • Les Maisons apartment complex
  • Cascina del Mar apartment complex
  • Belvedere apartment complex
  • Acapulco apartment complex
  • Ipanema apartment complex
  • Soleado apartment complex
  • Development of the old fairground area (Famila shopping centre….)

Over the last few years, RIV GROUP has therefore developed extensive expertise in managing the analysis, transformation, development, completion and sale of a full range of assets and real estate portfolios, able to successfully handle all of the technical, administrative, commercial, financial and legal procedures involved with the real estate project cycle. The group keeps in constant contact with international engineering and architecture studios…

RIV GROUP's experience and expertise allow the company to deal with even the most complex of transformation projects, covering all intended uses and applying a multidisciplinary approach.


Planning the transformation of large pieces of land or urban areas whose original use is no longer valid, within the context of a rapidly-changing and unstable socio-economic system, is not only ambitious, but also has great potential impact. That's why this kind of activity requires a unique set of skills.

RIV GROUP is active across all phases of the development process:
  • analysis of the reference market and socio-economic context
  • feasibility studies and assessing the economic-timing issues involved with the transaction
  • analysis of investment returns and the transaction's financial structure
  • preliminary planning
  • sharing urban transformation projects, implementation plans and any environmental regeneration processes with Local Authorities
  • development, coordination and final planning of the work to be carried out
  • management of construction and urbanisation activities
  • coordination and management of marketing and commercialisation
Jesolo Lido village inside

Real estate services

RIV GROUP has developed consolidated experience in technical, organisational and commercial services, supporting the management of real estate assets and development projects in partnership with other operators. The group also acts as a supplier to other market players.

In particular, the group provides the following services:
  • asset management
  • project management
  • sale and marketing of real estate transactions
Jesolo Lido village

Asset Management

RIV GROUP develops and creates value for real estate assets by using its in-house team of professionals and by working together with expert partners. The group is constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities and provides technical and strategic asset management services, also on behalf of other operators.

  • management and development of real estate portfolios
  • researching and identifying new investment opportunities
  • redevelopment planning and intervention strategies
  • technical and financial feasibility checks
  • coordination of Property Management services (development and income and/or sale)
  • property maintenance management
The Beach Houses

Project Management

RIV GROUP ha sviluppato una consolidata esperienza nella definizione e nell'esecuzione di progetti urbanistici: dalle fasi preliminari alla gestione della progettazione in partnership con i più prestigiosi professionisti, fino al coordinamento di tutte le fasi di realizzazione.

  • progettazione, realizzazione e sviluppo di progetti immobiliari
  • pianificazione urbanistica, strumenti urbanistici, pratiche amministrative e legali, rapporti con le Amministrazioni
  • definizione del progetto: tipologie d'intervento, destinazione d'uso, ecc.
  • determinazione e gestione del budget e dei temi di lavoro (progettisti, imprese, ecc.)
  • coordinamento delle fasi realizzative
  • controllo dei costi e dei tempi
Cascina del Mar

Vendita e Marketing delle operazioni immobiliari

RIV GROUP è in grado di garantire una conoscenza puntuale e approfondita del mercato real estate per quanto riguarda l'intero territorio italiano, anche grazie alla partnership con protagonisti del settore a livello nazionale e locale, a diretto contatto con le specifiche realtà ed esigenze dei diversi territori.

  • attività di commercializzazione del patrimonio immobiliare
  • analisi di mercato e definizione dei prezzi di vendita e acquisto
  • assistenza all'attività contrattuale e legale (preliminari, rogiti, pratiche catastali, ecc.)